Sportsbook software

Another fantastic addition to your online casino is an online sportsbook. The two really can go hand in hand, which is why our company are able to provide you with both. With the same features and support offered on our turnkey casino software, we are able to create a stunning fully branded website and front end, provide excellent hosting, security and customer support and hand full control over to you with powerful marketing tools and the admin panel.

All of our sportsbooks can be localized to support markets across the globe, incorporating a rich selection of languages, formats, bet types and currencies. No matter where you are in the world, or which market you want to pitch to, we can help. Even “exotic” languages with different characters, or reading from right to left or top to bottom can incorporated.

Our sportsbooks are all supplied with a huge range of data feeds, covering the latest and hottest markets from around the world. Depending on the time of year, we offer in excess of 40 different sports, events and TV/Royal specials. There’s absolutely no need for you to worry about sourcing the latest data feeds as we will cover this for you, letting you get on with business.

In addition to this, we can cover over 40,000 different bet types, ensuring your customers will love their gambling experience on your site. From simple straights, to complex cumulative, 15 fold bets and teasers, we can support anything your customers can think of.

We also cater to more than 30,000 live betting events around the world, each month. Live betting is great feature that your customers will love, and with text commentary and play-by-play updates they’ll never miss a trick, or a bet.