Casino risk management

Our turnkey casino software comes complete with powerful risk management software implemented from day one. Your business is in safe hands and once our software kicks in, you cannot lose money.

Our intelligent risk management system can be set up in the control panel to automatically limit winnings when a certain amount of traffic is recorded. In this way your casino is guaranteed to make a profit and you cannot be busted by too many wins. Relax, safe in the knowledge that the success of your business is of utmost importance to us and that measures have been taken to ensure your success.

The risk management software is capable also of detecting suspicious behaviour and non human patterns that look to be working against the house. Thousands of actions are monitored and recorded every second, with suspicious accounts flagged up for you to action accordingly.

You can put a block on suspicious accounts or delete them permanently using the user module in the the control panel. You can also add notes to accounts you’re not sure about for future reference.