Casino control panel

Our turnkey casino software is easy to use and manage, but it is the powerful control panel that gives operators full control over their online casino. This easy to use tool allows operators to manage every aspect of their site, regardless of experience. From monitoring transactions, implementing content changes and managing your user base, you have the power – just the way it should be.

We’ve designed the control panel to be easy and logical to use, with minimal graphics to encourage faster load up times. We keep the most common features close to hand no matter what you are doing and navigation is logical and smooth. It’s split into several categories to make finding what you need a piece of cake.

For larger operations with multiple employees, you can grant certain members of staff access to the control panel. It’s up to you who has unrestricted access or who is restricted only to certain parts of the panel. Any action taken on the control panel is recorded in real time, allowing you to monitor staff and solve potential problems easily.

User management

In this section you can monitor your users, from  account information to activity and behaviour. It’s a great tool for monitoring any suspicious accounts, which will automatically be flagged up by our risk management software. You can also view statistics, reports, change user details and block or delete accounts.


Everything that goes on across your site is monitored and recorded, and it’s in this section that you can see what’s been going on. Any suspicious activity will be flagged up here, allowing you to act accordingly. Reports from each game can also be found here and are delivered in real time.

Transaction log

Here you can view all user, affiliate and agent transactions to ensure that everything is running smoothly. You can use this tool to solve any potential disputes with users who have claimed they have not been paid.

Game Configuration

In this section you can adjust the limits and payouts for each and every game. Use our powerful reports to see which games are costing you and act accordingly.

Content management system (CMS)

Use this section to alter the static content across your site. Simply click and drag content such as banners, buttons and menus to wherever you want them to be. You can also use this tool to add new content such as promotions and remove old, out dated content. You can even adjust your colour scheme.

Knowledge base

The knowledge base is the first place to go when you’re stuck and is basically an FAQ section. This extensive library is full of guides and useful information to help you with any aspect of your site.

Live help; support chat software

Our turnkey casino software is inclusive of a live help chat application, offering you top of the range customer support whenever you need it.